Happy Blogging!

OK.. Now this is my first attempt at blogging.. So let me just point out..

While I’m a very opinionated person per se, I’m not very proficient in expressing those thoughts on paper.. My interests are quite varied, as you’ll probably realise by readin my blogs, as an when they are posted..

I dont know how long an average blog should be, therefore the size of my blog will purely depend on what I feel about the topic, and my mood..

I’m a firm believer that each person should have opinions, and that they should voice it. But the opinion should be based on what you firmly believe in, rather than hear-say.. You have a voice, and that voice has a weight. Use it..

Heres wishing myself Happy Blogging!!



1 comment so far

  1. Priyanka on

    good attempt…would like to see more of your posts…way to go…shrey!!!

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