Of Questions

Life has so many questions to ask, yet very few answers does it give. You have to search for the answers yourself. The questions can be simple, complex, simply complex, or complexly simple..

When I say life asks questions, I am obviously implying that the questions are asked by a person to himself ie introspecting, by another person to you, or the questions are formed out of some thought that you’ve read or seen or heard somewhere.

The questions can be from the downright silly. Ok.. These questions can be absolutely hilarious, sometimes weird, even scary but are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Some examples that immediately come to my mind are – Are you back?! When you or your father returns by your mom.. Like No, I’m not back.. I fell dead on the way, jus thought I would send my ghost over to say a final goodbye! or Do you hold your dick when you pee.. This one really freaked me out, especially since it was asked by a girl! Thankfully not to me, but Chirag, n I happened to be around.. but like WTF?!

Some questions you’ll keep asking all through your life…These are mostly philosophical, like Whats my contribution to this world, How will I leave my mark in such a big world, Where is life taking me, but you realize that though these questions make for very interesting conversations, and when you’re really depressed, yet these questions all come down to nothing when you face a serious situation. Then, it’s just a question of survival. However much you talk about death, when you get a call saying your dad is hospitalized, unconscious, with blood sugar almost zero, your brain just stops working, the only thing you care about then is reaching the bloody hospital. Then all the questions about God and his existence all come down to nothing. You just assume his presence around you and PRAY!

The most important questions are mostly that pertain to your present day life, and these may be from any of the above mentioned categories. These affect you the most, since these determine your immediate future. Why can’t I just go and tell her? So what if she has a conservative family? When will the results be out? Will I pass? Will he confirm the date for the interaction? Will I get selected for the job? Will India win the World Cup?

Some questions you know the answers to, others you wish to know the answers to, while some you know the answer, but not the question, Sometimes you know what the answer is going to be, yet hope it is different. Sometimes you just don’t want to know the answer!

The bottom line is that whatever the question be, the answer must always be thought of rationally and unbiased. And most importantly, if the answer demands you to take some actions, don’t overanalyze, go ahead, take the step. NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED.


4 comments so far

  1. Priyanka on

    hey, probably the best post of yours till now…keep up the good work…

  2. Ashar on

    Very well-written. It was precise, enumerated with personal details, without getting too preachy..you gave it a good blend.

    Keep up!

  3. Shrey on

    hey thanks both of you.. keep encouraging me like this n u might jus have to bear more shit like this [:p]

  4. yash suchak on

    hmmm, lot of questions in my mind already !

    i like the way u hv written it, i just see some correction in this line, ”
    The bottom line is that whatever the question be, the answer must always be thought of rationally and unbiased.”

    rest, as i mentioned i liked it…

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