The Successor..

As President Kalams term comes to an end, the question once again arises as to who shall be an able successor to someone who has made such an impact in his term, someone with a similar outlook, and yet with an approach as dynamic and unique as the person himself. Certain names have already started doing the rounds. Amitabh Bachchan ?!?! (ya rite!), I even heard Shashi Tharoor somewhere..
But the person who I, n I’m sure many more people would like to see become the President of the Republic of India is Co-Founder and ex Chief Mentor, Infosys Technologies, Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy. He has already found support in the current president Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, n Shobha De (not that she even remotely matters, but still!) amongst others.

The man personifies the statement ‘Simple Living, High Thinking!’ A visionary par excellence. His views on almost all issues are exemplary. His thought process crystal clear, his morals absolutely rock solid. He stands for what he thinks is right and doesn’t budge. He is the man WE need right now.

Personally, infact I would like to see him becoming the Prime Minister of India, because ultimately a President is only a titular head, but for him to become Prime Minister would require him to be affiliated to a political party which in Indias current scenario, I’m sure he wont do, because then he doesn’t remain an independent voice, he is bound by the agenda of the political party and its vested political interests.

Take up the chair Mr. Murthy and make India what it should have become long ago. A DEVELOPED COUNTRY!


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  1. Rohit on

    It doesnt matter who becomes the president coz as u said he is only a titular head. Narayn Murthy is still a big part of Infosys and if he becomes president, he would have to end his association with that company which owuld bring its value down by several notches. Let him remain a part of Infosys and bring in the much needed Forex for India rather than warming the chair at rashtrapati bhavan

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