We don’t take no prisoners,

We want our people free,

Not caged in boundaries,

But dancing with glee..

There never was wrong,

There never will be right,

Its all a matter of perception,

When the moon sets,

The sun chooses to shine bright..

When you wish to explore a path,

And the world leads you astray,

Dig deep, deep within,

If theres a reason, you will always find your way..

Achievers are not made of special stuff,

They are also blood and skin,

But what makes them different,

Is the belief they have within..

If you have the fuel,

We’ll give the fire,

The reason company is here,

And its wanting to hire..

Gimme a Reason.. Gimme a Reason,

And I swear I will.


1 comment so far

  1. Priyanka on

    its great…wen can i join the company?

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