The Tibet Issue

An issue that has been stretched far too much by the Chinese. One of the cons of communism. There needs to be a permanent solution to the issue. The Tibetan protests have mellowed down for now, but I’m sure its just the calm before the storm which will hit the Chinese around the time of the olympics.

As for India’s stand on the entire issue, my observations were
1. The media discussed the issue so vociferously, as if we were one of the most influential countries in the Olympics. We have won one medal each in the past three olympics, goddamnit. A shame, considering we are the worlds biggest democracy.
2. The government was, more or less, silent on the issue. (We cant rub China the wrong way, guys. They are a superpower now!)
3. Half of the public doesn’t know, even now, what the Tibetans were protesting for!

As for me, I empathize with, and support the Tibetan cause, as long as we dont have a Tibetan quota added to our already long list of education/employment quotas.


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