Just a Question

When would you go ahead and do something that you’re ‘in principle’ against, or despise, per se?

(Anybody visiting the blog – I know the no. is shamelessly low – is requested to leave the answer in *comments*)


7 comments so far

  1. Ashar on

    In absolute helplessness and hopelessness!

  2. yash suchak on

    will it not be re-outlining your principles then?

  3. Shrey on

    @ Ashar: Fair enough..

    @ Yash: What I meant was as an axception, and not making it a rule.

  4. Priyanka on

    maybe when it is the last resort…though i don’t quite see it happening in my case

  5. yash suchak on

    *very circumstantial*

  6. Shrey on

    @ Priyanka: Know as much

    @ Yash: What I am asking are those circumstances that you would consider as ‘circumstantial’

  7. yash suchak on

    The reason why I am not answering this question is because it’s very hypothetical, or so it seems to me.

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