Todays frontpage NEWS in the Times of India: ”Maanyatas Ex gives Hyderabad cops the slip”

Wow. Like seriously? Thats something that affects the whole of India. Its worthy of being frontpage, not just in the newspaper.


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  1. yash suchak on

    the other day on india tv they were showing some magical show as

  2. Shrey on

    India TV, IBN7, Aaj Tak, Star News, Sahara Samay, and all such channels are not news channels. They’ll show Hrithik Roshan drinking coffee as breaking news if they run out of entertainment items. The only respectable News TV channels are NDTV, and CNN/IBN.

    Infact I strongly wish we return to the format of news reporting followed till about 10 years ago, where the news was a half hour bulletin at 9:30 pm.

  3. Mudra on

    Lol… The Times is a piece of compiled, colourful crap (alliteration!). Have you noticed Aaj Tak, Star News and India TV’s fixation with Khali “Mahabali”? Khali India aaye, Khali SRK se mile, Khali ne rice khaaya, it goes on and on!

    PS- Hrithik Roshan drinking coffee is not breaking news, but it’s not something I’m averse to watching 😉 😀

  4. Shrey on

    1. I re-iterate. The likes of Aaj Tak, Star News, India TV and such entertainment channels will telecast every miniscule detail of Rakhi Sawant to Paanchvi Pass to Khali ‘Mahabali’ as news.

    2. Yes, Mudra, I know :p

  5. Spotless Mind on

    For this one particular channel which funnily enough claims that the other channels are all blah blah, headlines mean Khali.I didn’t know who is Khali till I watched this channel. Now all I know is Khali!..they know they are selling crap but they manage to draw in the eyeballs…. hence i dont see this thing ending soon.. by the way DD1 still follows the old news format..though its only in regional languages..

    and why was the “songs you should listen to” post deleted?!

  6. Shrey on

    Darshana, that implies you’re glued to the channel!
    I dont think its just because it draws the eyeballs. Its also because they cant literally cook up news.

    Just felt like deleting it, so did it.

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