Theres something about Wimbledon, and the center court there. It brings out the best in everybody.

And the best was what it bought out in Nadal on 06-07-08. I mean it was in all probability the best Wimbledon final ever! From the first serve, the first game. It was the finesse and purist class of Roger Federer versus the sheer godly resilience of Rafa’el Nadal.

The first half belonged to Rafa. That guy could reach just every ball. Baseline or net, drop shot or smash, cross court or to body. It was unimaginable that Rafa was doing it. And it was in despair that all Federer fans saw him going down from 4-1 in the second set to 4-6! I was in sheer disbelief! I just couldn’t fathom why Federer was coming SO much to the net. I mean why. on. earth does he change his game for Nadal. He becomes Roger FedError against Nadal (ya. ok. that was real bad :p) It baffles me. I saw it happen during Roland Garros, and again on center court. Like Vijay Amritraj said ”Its almost as if Federer has an inferiority complex against Nadal”

The third set came. I was on the verge of heartbreak. Nadal was on his way to showing he had comprehensively conquered Federers kingdom. But true champions are, and will always remain true champions. What a comeback it was from Federer. It takes Federer class. Nadal was still all guns blazing. But Federer somewhat found his own. He came back. Won the third. The fourth set tie-break was unnerving. Federer went to 1-6. I shut the TV. couldnt take it. Switched it back on. Federer was 4-6. I stuck. He took it. I started breathing again.

Cometh the final set. No one was giving an inch. The match became a fight for millimeters. Literally! Nadal-Federer. Federer-Nadal. It was a match between equals. The board at one point read. 4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6 6-6 (40-40). Seriously? It was not even funny. Both were feeding of each others unforced. Not giving an inch themselves. Each game went into break points. 6-7 7-7 7-8 8-8 . Nadal broke. I knew he had taken it. It was just about who would blink first. It would be impossible to de-break.

Rafael Nadal won. He became Wimbledon Champion 2008. FedEx was dethroned. But he went down fighting. And thats what it is all about. It was a match of the champions. It reminded me of Ivanisevic-Rafter 2001. That one had me elated. Almost in love. This one had me shattered. But in the end, it was classic tennis. Man to man. And thats what sports is all about! Welcome Nadal, Welcome to the House of Champions. As an afterthought, Federer will be back. He’ll defeat Nadal next year. Not just at Center court, but also Roland Garros. And on that thought, I end this post. Cheers to Federer. The greatest of all time!


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