What drives you?

A want to live your dreams? A passion? A fire within? An aim? A wish to do something? A need to prove to somebody? To prove to yourself? An ideology? A thought? Power? A song? A decision? Fear? Love? Hatred? A bit of madness? A memory? A role model? A quest? Need for independence?

What drives you? What keeps you going? What makes you look forward to each new day in your lives?

Have you ever given it a thought?


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  1. Mudra on

    You moved my favourite post to the sidebar! Woohoo…

    I don’t really know what drives me. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s very complex. What drives you?

  2. Sui generis on

    what drives you??


  3. Shrey on

    what drives who sex?

    Honestly, I myself dunno what all drives me. In fact this is not a comprehensive list, but at different times, a mix of probably all or atleast most of these things.

  4. Priyanka on

    is it necessary for a person to be driven every time he/she does anything? i guess time factor plays an important part. coz i dont see anything driving me to watch TV endlessly when nothing good is going on.

  5. Shrey on

    There are activities you do in a day which may or may not require you to be driven. What I was asking was in the larger context of ones aspirations.

  6. Keetarp Aidonak on

    need for respect in one’s own eyes.

  7. Shrey on

    Prateek. Thank you!

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