Bombaychi Local

Having now almost become a seasoned traveller in the ‘Churchgate local’, I feel that introducing a few changes into the system can go a long way in reducing the sheer crowds.

The slow trains are absolutely fine.
1. Introduce direct non stop Borivali to Churchgate and Vasai to Churchgate trains in the morning, and vice versa in the evening.
2. The fast trains can stop at alternative stations. Say if one stops Bombay Central – Dadar – Andheri, another can stop Mahalaxmi – Matunga Road – Khar Road, and another at Lower Parel – Mahim – Santacruz, so on and so forth..
3. Two a/c compartments in two morning fasts which leave at a gap of a half hour, or keep compartments in the long distance trains that arrive in the morning for local passengers.

And as far as just looks go, the new trains are nice. The silver interiors make it look more spacious. Green is just such an eye-sore!


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  1. Priyanka on

    agree to an extent. even the harbour along the central line should have fast trains.
    dont quite agree on the a/c part

  2. Shrey on

    The rationale behind the a/c compartment is that it will reduce the crowds in the first class, as there are many who travel first class who will be more than willing to shell out a few hundred more for the comfort of a/c. It will also be an additional source of revenue for the railways.

  3. Peru on

    You wish Shrey.. You wish..
    Good thinking nonetheless!
    I love the new flashy, steely, bright & airy new trains though!

  4. Keetarp Aidonak on

    can we have a contraption that sprays deos on to the passengers?

  5. Shrey on

    @ Prerna: We survive on hope, I guess. And its nice to know a fellow train traveller 🙂 , unlike PEOPLE who think that local trains have two types of compartments. Ladies and Gents!

    @ Kannu: You figure out how many seconds. make that nanoseconds would it take before the contraption would be stolen/ broken. You can always carry your own deo, though 🙂 Thats what I do.

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