Out of the blue!

Allow me to introduce you to something extremely interesting started by one of my most kickass friends, Chirag Patel and his partner in crime, Jay Dedhiya!


A very interesting game! Play on! You’ll love it.
As I type, I’m on level 7 with a ‘little’ assistance from CP 🙂

@ CP: Rock on, Bete…!! God hai yaar, tu! 😉

4 comments so far

  1. Sui generis on

    GOD toh tu hai yaar!!

    thnx man

    i love u !
    will u marry me!!

  2. yash suchak on

    one of the very few times (read: now & then) I have cheated. Damn! Here I thought 'twas difficult.

    You are at level 7… damn you!

  3. Shrey on

    @ CP: I love you too 😀 😀 😀 Mujhe pata tha tum ek din shaadi ki baat zaroor karoge, par aise kahoge, yeh nahi socha tha..

    @ Yash: Lol. Level 17 now, but Kannu is on 18. Damn him! Where’ve you reached?

  4. yash on

    *fakes a grin*

    I ain’t telling anyone!

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