The tail never straightens, does it?

This one is just a long rant about how, after years, Massa and Ferrari again showed how well and truly they are the sore’est team in Formula One..

This one actually goes back to the 2001, when I had just started watching Formula One. I had no particular loyalties at that point of time. I used to enjoy seeing both Hakinnen and Schumacher drive. But come Austria 2001, and Ferrari giving team orders to Barrichello to slow down on the last lap to let Schumacher win, and I knew which team I could never support.

Come 2008 and Shanghai, and it was deja vu as Ferrari showed yet again how un-sportsmanlike they are. Actually it has come to a point where I actually feel pity for Massa. He’s begged for points all season. As it is FIA has left no stone unturned to try and assist Massa’s and Ferrari’s cause. And its supposed to be a neutral governing body (GAH!). If that was not enough, he had to beg his own team-mate to help him. I mean, (suppose) if Massa does go on to win the championship in Brazil also, will he ever even be able to consider the championship his? Its a sport goddamnit, and a sport is fought man to man.

Hamilton has in recent times drawn a lot of flak for being an over aggresive racing driver. He IS one! But thats what he’s been trained all his life to be – A flat out racing driver..! Not to beg! Come the final race, and let all the F’s behind Hamilton – from Ferrari, to Flavio Briatore, to Fernando Alonso, to Felipe Massa, and to the FIA be answered. Once and for all.

And I leave you with a part of the transcript from the post race interview. The comment is actually much more hilarious seen, but still..

And your pass on Kimi towards the end?
FM: Well, it was the best time for me in the race, I was quite strong and then I caught him and (long pause..) I passed him, so that was the good part of the race. But anyway it was not enough as we are fighting with the McLaren’s and today at least one was in front but we could manage to finish second or third.


3 comments so far

  1. edson_dias on

    when this years season started, I wasnt a big Hamilton follower. But man, you cant hate the guys driving. The aggration & passion he displays for winning, it's just mind blowing. No one, I repeat, No one deserved the title more than Hamilton.

  2. Shrey on

    Couldnt agree more..! He is very very special! Only a Ferrari fan can hate his driving 😛 Which team do you support?

  3. edson_dias on

    I dont really support any team. just like to see kingfisher crash. yes, I do hate vijay mallya. :-). I followed F1for the last 4 years cause my friends do it. not really a big car’s fan.

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