So much

So much to write.. From the beauty of Assam, to the tea gardens, to our guest house, to mohan ki behen, to the days we’ve spent here, and the stories we’ve heard. The games we’ve played, and the games I’ve caught – Hamilton’s amazing amazing championship victory 😀 😀 Saurav’s retirement 😥 😥 Kaziranga. The rhinos and deers, the million varieties of birds, and butterflies. Brahmaputra, one of the best waterbodies I’ve seen – (A forest 10 metres behind, a 400 metre wide mighty river ahead, and the snowpeaks of Himalyas on the horizon..) The HUL factory itself! Its an experience! So much to write on. But no time 😦
..And partially no will to type after having the laptop at your face all the time at work.
Its not all hunky dory, buggers!


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  1. Mudra on

    I’d like to see more of the “not hunky dory” part. I seem to hear only about the awesome-ness of everything. 😛

  2. Shrey on

    Hahaha.. Arre the perennially staring at the laptop screen is not hunky dory. The same dal-sabji-chawal EVERY.DAY. is not hunky dory. The kind of non-veg they eat here (pork, fox, dog etc..) is soo not hunky dory, and the roaming charges also are not hunky dory 😛 Thats abt all 😉
    Wish you were here? 😛

  3. Mudra on

    I never did, and I still don’t! 😛

    You forgot… “Riots and blasts and bandhs every few days are also not hunky dory.”

  4. Shrey on

    Firstly no riots, and only one welcome blast. And bandhs never hurt anyone 😉 🙂
    Let me show you the pictures, then we’ll see..! But you obviously must be enjoying your daily 8-12 class, 12-6 job, 6-9 class routine! Hai na? 😛
    Oh n PCC studies after 9 😛 😛 😛

  5. Mudra on

    Yeah, look at people slacking off… “bandhs never hurt anyone” 😛

    Also, my schedule is commonly referred to as “living life to the fullest.” So there. 😛 😀

    No further comments for people who are provocative to get more comments.

    *Gay designer tone*How manipulative.

  6. Shrey on


  7. Peru on

    Arey waah! Post more no. Hunky dory & otherwise. Find some time to communicate with us no. It could become a travelogue, no? Ok seeya! 😀

    @shrey: Show some r-e-s-pect man. *Grim face* Its not an easy life. You watch your 'tongue stickin out' smileys there. Or you're in big trouble mister.

    @mudra: Stop getting provoked! *scrams*. *comes jogging back* Or, or.. both of us could just get provoked now & bash up Pandey when he is back, yeah?

  8. Shrey on

    I know. I should! It would actually make for an exciting travelogue. Update: I went to the Arunachal border y’day! 😀 Lets see, maybe once I’m back..

    As for the comments, sorry (not) for hurting/provoking you 😛 You chose the stream..! Now accept it! 😛
    Maybe I should get one of the bodyguards back to Bombay! 😛

  9. Peru on

    We are not ‘not accepting’ it! Just stop being a sadist.

    You have bodyguards? You wanna get them here? Well yeah, maybe you should.. *makes a fist*

  10. Shrey on

    Am I to be scared of two girls who collectively weigh less than me?? 🙂

    (There goes any chance of me surviving once I’m back :P)

  11. Priyanka on

    Hey! u r alive and writing.
    wow that is good enough

  12. Mohit Sureka on

    strt writing aalsi !! i expected one post on gang from u !!!

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