Another one..

“Those who are swept off their feet in love fall flat on their face.” :p

Yes/no? I know.


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  1. Peru on

    We ought to wait for someone to vouch for that 😀

    Arrey waah.. you’ve been posting quite a bit these days! Badhiya hai..

  2. Mudra on

    Why wait for someone to vouch for that… Isn’t it all around us? 😀

    Or maybe not. I don’t know. But I do agree thoda more than disagree.

  3. Pratz on

    another nice one

  4. Shrey on

    @ Guava: Yeah, I have. (Payal Rohatgi style) All my *fans* said they were missing me! :p :p

    @ Mudra: All around us? *raises eye*

    @ Pratik: Thankeu 🙂

  5. Mudra on

    @Pandey: 1. Yes, like I think I’ve told you before, you’ve only seen happy-happy couples. You don’t know what you’re missing out on.

    2. You can raise an eyebrow, not an eye. Physically impossible.

    Happy Holi. 😀 😛

  6. Shrey on

    Takes out eye (ala Ram Gopal Varma horror film) and raises it *loud scary laughter*
    Lol. Yes, my mishtik.

    Yappy Yoli to you too 😀

  7. Peru on

    @ Mudrey: Yes. Actually, it really is all around us. But not many first hand accounts of ‘what its like’..

    @ Pandey: Payal blogs? *runs away after looking at the displaced eye*

    Happy Holi! *throws virtual water balloons filled with pakka colour at everyone*

  8. spruhal on

    Was my reply the one you were waiting for?

    U R Right !!! Bang On
    Happened Twice
    1st time – Screwed up 12th
    2nd time – Screwed up PE2

    OK you might not think of me as screwing up an exam. The truth is that I found it really tough to study, but somehow managed to get decent enough marks so nobody could point a finger at me.

    And since then I learned to keep my feet on the ground – No matter what. Its good to be in love, but you should not get swept off your feet. Love means different things to different people.

    Most people think its about finding someone, getting married, end of story. I think that’s just the beginning. Anyways, in 2 to 5 years of marriage, every couple (whether in an arranged marriage or love marriage) seriously thinks of taking a divorce. Thats coz all the false hopes and aspirations get grounded by then. The real test lies in how you develop the relationship after that.

    Those who quit take a divorce and end up having several marriages and divorces in their life. Some dont take a divorce, but remain grumpy all their lives. While a few genuinely take the effort to develop their relationship further and do end up having happy lives.

    And all this that I’m telling you is from seeing real people in my family social circle.

    I seriously think that ‘finding someone’ is not the big deal. The real challenge lies in developing a relationship that works – something nobody thinks about.

    Oh and one more thing. People talk of love in such a narrow sense. I mean apart from your girlfriend or boyfriend, there are your Parents, Grandparents, Siblings etc. If you try to focus on building those relationships too, your life will be much better off.

  9. Shrey on

    @ Guava: Like her Bigg Boss ‘fans’ yaar! Dude. Payal Rohatgi blogs or not. Why would I care!. Oh and with Spruhal, you now have a first hand experience as well 🙂

    @ Spruhal: I agree with a lot of what you said. Specific comments-

    1. Love means different things to different people (may I add-at different points in their lives)

    2. Most people think its about finding someone, and getting married? – No. Thats just a gujju thing! :p 🙂

    3. The challenge of all relationships lie in how you develop them at different times. Be it friendship, love, or family.

    4. Several marriages and divorces?! -I mean that HAS to be an exaggeration 😛

    5. Yes, Spruhal. We can never think of you as screwing up an exam 🙂 😀

  10. Mudra on

    @Spruhal: Chal, Final hai na 😀 No distractions this time. Chak de phattey. But seriously – several divorces?!

    @Pandey: Gujju thing, my foot. Bakwaas bandh kar. 😛

  11. Mohit Sureka on

    hehee…i lyk this one… one line is good enuf to complete a post 😉 !!

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