Whenever I browse through ‘The Fountainhead’, the thought always crosses my mind. How many people must have ruined their lives thinking they are Howard Roark. How many people would’ve thought they have the same conviction, the same headstrong’ness, the same mindset, and how many continue to think so..


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  1. Jhayu on

    If and when I read The Fountainhead, I’ll let you know.

  2. Shrey on

    Do that 🙂 Oh and your disp pic is too hot, my love!

  3. Mudra on

    Haha. I think I know the… er… inspiration for this post. 😀

    PS- Jayant, Shrey, get a room! Lol!

  4. Shrey on

    Know the ‘er’, but the post’s pretty much on face value, Mudra. No inspirations 🙂

  5. Peru on

    Yeah. Ditto what Jhayu said. Actually this post is just making me not wanna read it.

    Good God. PDA.

  6. Shrey on

    Oh Guava, Please dont allow this post make you not want to read it. Its THE best book ever written.

    and why Good God PDA, huh? You think PDA is wrong? Huh.. Huh? :p

  7. Priyanka on

    I know someone we know who thinks he is Howard Roark. I don’t think ill ever read the book. If ever, ill tell u, if there is anyone like him around.

  8. Mudra on

    Eh Shrey it’s not the best book ever written… Okay futile discussion…

  9. Shrey on

    @ Priyanka: Refer Mudras comment above, and my response to it.

    @ Mudra: Thats subjective. And therefore, as you said, futile 🙂

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