Greetings on a coffeeless evening..

Greetings,¬†and many thanks for dropping by ūüėĬ†The telecast¬†shall commence¬†shortly

Wazaaaaaa dude!

Oye kudiye. Tu vi ithe.? ūüôā Satsriakal.

Bettte.! Kya kar raha hai idhar.? Kuch kaam kar na ūüėõ

 Thankyouverymuch. Your patience is appreciated. You must realise today is my third day going without coffee. Thats 52+ hours without coffee. Do you get that?! NO YOU DONT!

My doctor is the most evil man on this planet. The way he said no coffee for you. I could see the pleasure he was deriving.. He was steepling his hands,¬†with an evil look on his face, a sinister smile..¬†Laughing loudly,¬†he¬†said. “No coffee¬†for you..”¬†“NO COFFEE for you” and he pointed his fingers towards me. And asked me “Now what’ll you do?”


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