Because I’m still there..

One year out of college life, and I’m still there. I haven’t moved on, mentally.

I still search for every opportunity to drop into college, even if it is for just a few minutes. I’ll still go n chat with Sitaram ji, Vinayak and the others. I’ll just walk in, go to 3rd floor, Room no. 31/32, and stare through the glass panel, and see the class coming alive again. I’ll have coffee at Dhiraj everytime I cross that place. Whenever I go to Alfa, I’ll just walk up to NM, and take the bus/ auto from there instead.

Just yesterday again I happened to do the same. I was at Alfa to finally buy myself a phone. After buying, walked it to NM. Had a dosa and grilled sandwich at the NMIMS stalls, and then took the rickshaw back home 🙂

Why the attachment with college, I don’t know. Actually I do. Because my happiest memories are there. But there is a need to move on.



2 comments so far

  1. menaka on

    I loved my college days and i wish i was there forever. And nothing changed…

    But i think after a while even that will be a drag and i’l want to do something else. Im telling you saala human kind is cursed cant be happy with what we have…

  2. Priyanka on

    i am still there too

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