Back to Silvassa

As I write this, I’m watching Federer accept the French Open trophy, thus conquering the Final Frontier. Roger Federer, Roger Roger Roger!

I happen to be in Silvassa for the past week. Pretty much like any other place, except that it has memories of my first industrial visit, at the same very place. I cross Nilkamal, a factory we visited, everyday. It takes me back to them days. First IV, Khanvel Resort, the fountain lady, the noises from Swapnil’s and a particular other room, throwing Samrat Dhadankar and Madhura Pitale into the pool, the talk with Vijay Sharma Sir over coffee, ‘in the still of the night’, the horror stories, Samridh’s birthday.

Anyways, this time around we’re staying at this place called Ras Resorts. Supposedly ‘a government approved 4 star hotel’. Unfortunately, the only thing 4 star about this place are, well, its rates.

The arrangement for us whenever we go on an outstation visit is that the company takes care of the accommodation, while we pay for the food and laundry from the daily allowance we get, which is generally between 400-475 bucks. The rule has worked well for us whenever we have been put up in the company guest houses. Here however, it makes the trip loss making for us.

Nothing on the menu is below 100 bucks, unless we chose to have just roti’s which are around 40 bucks each! =P So, an average dinner works out to 500 for two. And the quality and service would hardly qualify as average. The laundry, well, a set of undergarments cost around Rs. 50! Made me wonder whether they had gold granules in their washing powder! I mean, for every six times I get them laundered, I could get a new pair! And we haven’t even been able to locate a dhobi nearby.

We’d gone to the managers housing society for dinner yesterday. Phatte place. It had a wooden badminton court!. The third time I was playing on that surface. The friction on it is unlike any other surface you’d play on. Atleast it was good to know I haven’t lost my touch in badminton. I still suck at the game as bad as I did earlier. The body is quite stiff after the games y’day, so have spent the entire Sunday lazing in the hotel room, watchin TV. Saw the ending of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. It’s a very beautiful film, actually. Makes you want to fall in love.

Anyway, two more weeks to go. I want to go to Khanvel once, just to relive the place again.
P.S: ROGER FEDERER!!!!!!! Though I wish he’d beaten Nadal to conquer. But ah, Wimbledon begins June 22nd! 😀


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