So, while I was away in Silvassa, mom was having some fun of her own it seems.

Every Wednesday, she visits this religious place she believes in, in Santacruz. When returning from there this week, somewhere around Pawan Hans, these two guys on a motorcycle came parallel to the rickshaw and tried to snatch her purse. She offered some resistance, but then the guys were obviously physically stronger, so she let go.

The guys jumped the Indian Oil signal, and escaped, and mom was left behind with the signal and a slow auto rickshaw.

Anyway, once the signal opened, she got moving with the intent of catching those crooks. The only thing buzzing in her head was the fact that ‘ghar ki chaabi purse mein hai’. What would she do without the keys! The duplicate set was with me, in Silvassa!

The speed of the rickshaw didn’t really make matters easier, but she kept moving, hoping to catch a glimpse of the two fellows.

Now when she reached the Alfa turning, she thought that if those buggers wanted to escape, they wouldn’t have gone straight, anticipating we would follow them straight, and instructed the rickshaw fellow to take the left instead.

The Alfa lane had a jam as usual, and the rickshaw-wala managed to sight the two buggers in the jam, and asked mom ‘Arre memsaab, yeh dekho wahi do ladke, kaali shirt waale, jo aapka bag le ke gaye’. Mom asked him whether he was sure because she could not see her purse in their hands. Just one of those huge blue industrial use plastic bags. He was like ‘Jee memsaab. Wahi hain’. The calculated guess had paid off.
She got off the auto, *climax background music here* went up to the bike, caught the guy on the pillion by his collar, and said ‘Mera purse waapis do. Mere ghar ki chaabiyaan uss purse mein hain!’. The guys were quite taken aback. Obviously they thought they had given her the slip, and had become complacent. The attack took them by surprise. My mom started to unknot the plastic bag, and managed to see her purse inside it. This gave her confidence, and she told the guys to give the plastic bag to her. Seeing the commotion, a crowd had also gathered, and sensing this could be trouble, the guys left the plastic bag there, jumped over the divider (since the Alfa lane just has the brick dividers) and got away.

Mom was relieved. She had her purse and her ‘chaabi, mobile aur prashad!’. The crowd asked her what had happened. She explained, told the guys to take the other two purses to the police station (the plastic bag had three purses) and left.

On the way back, the rickshaw-wala told her. ‘Arre memsaab. Agar main yeh kisi ko boloonga bhi toh koi nahi maanega’. Mom laughed.

Its all in the punjabi khoon, I tell you 😀 My super-mom! 😀

And she tells me all of this while proudly showing me the torn purse, only once I’m back, saying she didn’t want to give me tension! Moms! No, make that supermoms!


4 comments so far

  1. menaka on

    ur serious!!! this relly happened?

    Damn i should have done that wen my purse was stolen. But oh well im not supermom…. champ ur mom is….

  2. Priyanka on

    too good man, thumbs up to her….aunty aap to real champ ho!!!

  3. richa on

    hats off man…i know most people (tht includes myself) wld have just felt help less and accepted the situation. supermom indeed

  4. very best and great post

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