Somehow, one of the stories that keeps playing in my head time and time again is that of a serial that used to play on Sony some time back. I dont remember the name, but the storyline was fantastic.

It was about a guy, who as a child, and then a teenager had seen his father as a drunkard and a womaniser, who had illegitimate relationships with other women, used to drink a lot, and then come home and beat up his wife. The guy grew up to have a very strong dislike for his father.

Years passed by, and he passed out of college, took over the family business, got married and settled.

As time went by, he started having regular tiffs with his wife. He became frustrated, started drinking, found an understanding person in his secretary, and eventually had an affair with her. Now when the wife found out, he used his brute force to shut his wife up, beating and hurting her.

Basically, the guy had become, over a period of time, the person he hated the most.


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  1. Mudra on

    The trend of putting “…” as your post title is spreading like blogfire, I see. 😀

    Can you please change it to say something other than “Leave a Comments” when a post has no comments yet? I’m guessing WordPress oughta be better than Blogger in some matters…

  2. Mudra on

    And I realise I said nothing about the post. 😀 There’s an Agatha Christie short story that explores pretty much the same premise, I can’t remember the name etc. For the ultimate degeneration of man, though, read The Picture of Dorian Gray.

    • shreybhatia202 on

      I’ve used ‘…’ earlier also. Convenient, when you don’t really have a title for the post. To the best of my memory, I’ve never read an Agatha Christie. Neither have I Dorian Gray.

  3. Keetarp on

    And check out this song ‘Cats in the Cradle’

    Funny, I remember Jayant mentioning this once: Be careful of what you hate; you might just become that.

    • shreybhatia202 on

      Which band? Mail it, if you can..
      And haan so quite possible he said it na. Why funny?

      and oye Mudra.. I like ‘leave a comments’ 🙂 Its very Tashan. Like I’m the Shrey Bhatias.

  4. Keetarp on

    Guy called Henry Chapin.. though it might be wrongly credited to Cat Stevens..

    And the abovementioned funny did not mean ‘haha’ funny. It meant strange.

    • shreybhatia202 on

      Oh I saw the lyrics today. They’re nice. Only my post was about the degeneration to the extent he became the person he himself hated the most. The song’s more on how the fellow ends up realising the sons become like him only. Which is not necessarily the person most hated.

  5. friv on

    I don’t know about “most”! LOL!

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