So, I have started, if you’d like to call it that, dieting, again. Simple funda. Reduce starch intake, and minimize fat intake. So no aloo, rice and cheese, and as little fried stuff as possible.

It was a culmination of a lot of factors that made me start the diet again, not the least of which was the fact that a lot of people had starting saying I was looking plump/ had put on weight/ seemed to be on the heavier side/ looked thinner before. Now I should’ve taken the hint there itself, and started taking measures to reduce them adipose tissues. But being the procrastinator I am, I always thought I’ll Die-t another day 😛

This was all before Silvassa. Now I have already mentioned my food woes in Silvassa earlier, and the fact that the roti’s in the factory were more like rubber sheets meant that a major chunk of my diet was aloo, and rice.

However, the most decisive factor in getting me started was the fact that a chick who was a trainee there, happened to ask me whether I was new on CAD (Our department in HUL). Nothing wrong, or offensive about the statement. Infact, its something I’m asked quite often thanks to my young and hot looks.

So what about the statement pricked me so bad.? Well, it happened while, when casually talking over snacks, with the people in the factory, the discussion veered towards eating, and how the amount of traveling we do as auditors means we don’t really get used to the food anywhere, and therefore end up losing weight. She looked at the senior and asks how many factories he has been to, and when she looks at me, she asks ‘Are you new on CAD?’

Like shit!! It was painful. Such a clear reference to those adipose tissues I’d been ignoring and procrastinating all this while. Filmy style *nahiiiiiii* 😛

I know I read too much into it, but well, it was a good reason to start off what I had been delaying for quite some time now 🙂


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