I find it quite ridiculous that almost all the deodorant brands, be it Axe, Wildstone, Fuel, Zatak or what not or what not are following the same advertising strategy.

Be loser —–> Use XXX brand of deodorant —–> Get seduced/laid by hot chick.

I’m surprised there has been no objection to it. From the girls cause its just stereotyping them as dimwits with lousy noses.

From the guys, cause it just doesnt work that way man. If it did, those deos would be off the shelf before you could say zoozoo.

Its sad if any, or all of those ads are coming the McCann’s and OnM’s of the ad-world.. They need more creative people around if this is all they can come up with. May I suggest they look here šŸ˜‰


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  1. Keetarp on

    Have 2 deo cans. Set a flaming match in front of each. Spray.

    Tag line: “Sets you aflame”

    PS I wonder if there will be a brand of deo called “Sunny Deo” or “Bobby Deo”

  2. Mudra on

    Shit – That’s a good one from Kannu! Randomly, just this morning I was thinking of the stuff you can do with a deo can and a matchbox… And here it is. šŸ˜€

    About the stereotyping thing – somehow this one doesn’t bother me. šŸ˜€ Maybe because I’ve always assumed that anyone who believes those ads must be a certified idiot. šŸ˜€

    • shreybhatia202 on

      Kannu – Considering the prevalent sexual tones with deos, like I told you, Esha Deo would sell more =P

      Mudra – You haven’t seen our pad video with the deos? Theres a photo also somewhere. I think on Kannu’s orkut profile..

  3. Ki on

    Now that you mention it… those ads are rather insulting. Especially the chocolate man one. :S

  4. Peru on

    Haha.. True man.. What’s with Wildstone!? Really now..

    We need better ads for men’s deos. Period. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜›

  5. Peru on

    Oh yea, Keetarp – killer one there šŸ˜€

  6. Spruhal on

    So true dude
    And the funny thing is that a Deo is not a perfume. Its simply supposed to kill the bacteria that cause the BO. The fragrance is just an add on !!!
    This kind of advertisement is only in India. There was a Viagra ad on TV yesterday n it had no sex. Only doctors certifying that its safe, and testimonials from people saying that it works. Even the condom ads n all have no sex in them. And we think its all ‘western influence’ !!!

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