A new theory

A few decades ago, Manoj Kumar had introduced a theory called Roti-Kapda-Makaan in his film, which talked about the basic needs of man. Well, decades have passed since, and a lot of us, thankfully, dont really have a problem satisfying these wants.

So, my new theory, co-propounded with Chirag, talks about the next step. The wants that must be satisfied to consider yourself settled in life. Presenting, the theory called ‘Naukri-Chokri-Degree’.

Naukri – This doesn’t necessarily mean a 9- ___ job, but means of earning a living, the paisa, rokda, which could be entrepreneurship, consultancy, a job, undertaking supaari, anything, but most definitely something we are happy doing. Only then does the satisfaction come.

Chokri/ Chokra – Aah. Love, pyaar, ishaq. Something most of us want, love or wish to have. That someone special who we want to spend time with, love, and eventually have the shaadis and the bachchaas with 🙂

Degree – Should be the first one actually. But Naukri-Chokri-Degree just sounds cooler. Well, most of us do get this one anyway 😉 But yes, a qualification which sets the base for our lives, and is a back-up, if any/ all of our ambitious ventures fail, is also essential in order to be settled in life.

Bas, Naukri-Chokri-Degree mil jaaye. Aur kya chahiye life mein 😀


2 comments so far

  1. Pratik Bubna on

    good theory

  2. Spruhal on

    Hey good one… You can start a political parties with these as its objectives, n win the election easily. N and D we’ll get. But what about the C? The big ‘C’? We’re not even close to it !!!

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