It’s a wonderful rainy day, and am sitting at my balcony, with greenery in front of my eyes, wonderful breeze blowing and me typing this with squinted eyes as the rain is falling on my face.

I’m just remembering this one conversation I had with Germanywali a couple of months ago. Among other things, the conversation veered towards love, and how it is so cherished by those who actually get it, and so painful or frustrating for those who don’t. One thing I distinctly remember was the way she described the equation between Jayant n her. She said ‘The thing between the two of us is our relationship started around the end of SYJC, which was around the time we had gotten out of the forced way of doing things, and had found freedom. We’d started to form ideas and opinions of our own, and we faced the frustration and insecurities, the joys and happiness of going through this phase all together. We’ve grown up and seen the other person grow up together, and that is why we understand each other so well.’ Also that her sister would kill her if she ever broke up with him 🙂

I’ve only seen Menaka and Jayant’s relationship from close quarters, but, if you look at it, the understanding and acceptance of the idiosyncrasies of the other person is what equations have to be based on, if they need to work. And that only comes with time. A lot of people believe otherwise, if they’ve seen or been in failed relationships. But I’ve only seen a very strong one, and never been in one, so yeah.

And, generally, from whatever I have understood of relationships, every equation needs to have a certain balance to it. There will always be, in every equation, one person who feels more for the equation than the other person, which is understandable. However, if such a feeling is relatively one-sided, then it doesn’t bode well for the relationship.

There is also the other side, where two people complement each other perfectly well, but something keeps them from committing to each other. But that is something I’ve never been able to understood, or get the rationale behind.

A totally different aspect is that of committment without knowing each other, which is also something I havent ever understood. How can you go ahead, and decide to spend your life with someone you’ve met, what, once or twice, and that too in a created environment. Someone you don’t know, and dont’ love. But I guess it works for some. Priyanka says she’s not averse to the idea of having an arranged marriage, if her parents decide so. Snigdha has gone ahead and gotten yengaged! To each, his/her own, I guess. Its something very subjective.

Also, personally, it is also one of the coooolest things to know of the first marriage in your immediate friends group, man. Like shit man. Marriage. We’re getting old.

Equations 🙂


7 comments so far

  1. menaka on

    Germanywali likes this… there is a distinct style emerging in your descriptions…

    But i do wish you would stop theorising love and just fall into it already…

  2. Pratik Bubna on

    Another nice theory

  3. Jhayu on

    = )

  4. Priyanka on

    Well, Wht can i say….i get a mention and i like it too….its just that i aint against arranged marriage, but doesnt stop me from getting into love either… 🙂

    • shreybhatia202 on

      Germanywali – Fall into it already? You mean fall in love. Taali ek haath se nahi bajti naaa. Or are you tellin me this so that I search for kudis, and dont get too close to Jayant 😉

      Pratik – Whats the theory here?

      Jayant, Priyanka – 🙂

  5. Pratik Bubna on

    too many are there..different views over love and commitment — theories …rather theorems that derive the equation of love

  6. Vinod on

    @Menaka alias Germanywali – Just fall into it already. What a line!!! Way to go…

    @Shrey – Well written but would say unwanted analyses for no good reason. Things like this just happen man you really cant analyse or try to prototype or theorise it. Just happens…

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