Roger. Federer.

An year ago, I’d written.

I’ve never known what is it about sports. It may be a guy thing. But the highs, the lows, the adrenalin rush, the kicks. Its something unbelievable.

And unbelievable was the Wimbledon final. 2nd year in a row. Heart stopping stuff. I think very soon they’ll need to make Wimbledon finals *PG* rated man. It is not stuff everybody can take.

When I’d first heard that Nadal was not gonna be playing at Wimbledon, I thought like that Parle 20-20 ad, they might as well hand Federer the trophy. Who was going to come close to this guy, who was just fresh from conquering the final frontier, and probably living the best year of his life!

And till the final, I was absolutely right. No one came anywhere close to Federer. He blew them away with as much ease as he flicks and adjusts the strands of hair that fall on his ears.

But come the final, and Roddick dug deep. In their previous encounters on Center Court in 2004 and 2005, Federer had absolutely decimated Roddick.

But this time, Roddick seemed resurgent. He knew what he wanted, and how to get it. He won the first set. And was leading the second 6-2 on tie break, but Federer somehow managed to pull it back.

He was playing tennis like he’d never played before. His biggest weakness before used to be return of serve, but he was good at it. Serves were not his only weapon this time around.

Cut to the fifth set, and it was all equal. I’d say Roddick had the edge mentally, having broken Federer in the fourth. Something Federer had not been able to do in his 5 attempts so far. But it was pretty much equal otherwise.

Both were serving beautifully, true to their style. Even in the fifth set, they werent fighting for every inch of space, which is the beauty of Nadal-Federer, but were winning entire games on serve. The games were ending in 0’s and 15’s. Ace-ace-ace-game.

Anyway, my main concern was that Federer was not being able to touch Roddicks balls :P. Either Roddick had to make a coupla mistakes, or Federer had to do something special. It was somewhere around 8-8. I was unable to watch. Why why why could he not break Roddick and get done with it. I would go out of the room. Wait till a roar or a ‘ohhhhh’, come and see what had happened and go back.

This continued till 12 all. I think I also gathered enough courage to watch it through by then. 13-12, 13-13, 14-13, 14-14, 15-14. And then. Then came the game. Federer edged it to 30-0. Roddick pulled it back to 30-30. One more serve, and it was 40-30. Federer deuced it, but. This was the closest he had gotten so far.

It was agonisingly close. I dont know how Federers wife was able to watch! She’s 8(?) month pregnant dammit! I would’ve gone into labour by now if I was her. But I’m not :P, and she didn’t πŸ˜› (Oh and I’ll make a confession here, while I’m at it. Jokes apart, Federer is the only guy on earth I’d turn gay for. Like actually.)

Roddick made a mistake on the next serve, and Federer had ‘The Greatest Ever Champion in the Sport’ point.

He took it. I was on the phone with Sudeep, when he took it, and I almost had an orgasm. He had done it. 15 titles. 6th Wimbledon. The greatest ever.

I also felt for Roddick. He almost played out of his skin. Almost, cause like I said earlier, it was more a match of serves, and not games. But he’d kept his nerves for long, and I give that to him. Like he said to Pete Sampras, ‘I tried to get it back’ πŸ™‚ He did. But it was not meant to be.

It was definitely not as sweet without Nadal. Neither the French, since they didn’t come face to face, nor Wimbledon. But I’m sure Federer is not gonna retire till he goddammit defeats Nadal on both those surfaces.


3 comments so far

  1. Peru on

    Dude. Seriously – what a match. Really felt for A-Rod. But. Roger. Federer πŸ˜€

    By 10-10, even *I* was exhausted & nervous watching. 8 months pregnant – i knooow! And indeed, *the* A-Rod serve was incredible. And yet Fed-ex had waaaaay more aces. Roger. Federer. Baby.

    PS: Dont be such a sexist now, even girls have adrenalin okay?

  2. Priyanka on

    Great Match….Not following Jhayu and Kannu…but is it- a year ago or an year ago?

    • shreybhatia202 on

      Guava – Yeah man. That guy is just unbelievable. Lately, he doesnt look as invincible in crunch times, but still. And 50 aces. Thats two sets in aces! And I think even more than Goran Ivanisevics tally in *the* 2001 final against Rafter. And arre that was just general, not sexist. ‘It may be a guy thing. May also be a girl thing. Lol. And okay testosterone’ πŸ™‚

      Priyanka – Dunno re. Could be. My grammar’s goin to the pits lately.

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