A rant

I dont know why I’m posting this, but

A Losers Rant.

Because winning is one thing, and the realization of victory completely another. Because feeling is one thing, expressing completely another. Because good does not mean the best. Because there are thin lines. Because its either yes or no. Because there is nothing like ‘almost there’. And its very important to know those thin lines, and when you’ve crossed them.

Because losing is one thing, and accepting you’ve lost completely another, and multifold more difficult.


There is hand-eye co-ordination, hand-leg co-ordinations, hand-hand co-ordination, brain-leg co-ordination. But suck at all of these or any other co-ordination, and have a good grasp of heart- brain co-ordination, and brain-mouth co-ordination, and you’re there.


Because I hate films as much as I love them. They sell dreams, they are unabashedly marketing aspirations. Making every person worth his two pennies think he’s good. Think he is the one. That he can do it, that he is meant to be the hero, he can conquer, he is the chosen one, he can continue. Because there is qaynaat, and there is justice, and there is true love, and good, and dreams come true, and that if you stand for what you believe, you win.

Because somewhere, no emotion is unique, and each has been expressed wonderfully in music, and lyrics. Which means that there are many who have faced it, and it feels the same.


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  1. Mudra on

    Posts like these should remind you to blog more. 🙂 It’s very natural but very deep and very you, I think… Achha hai! =) Loved the heart-brain and brain-mouth coordination theory. I have neither. LOL.

    Sorry… That was me! Delete the first, will you?

  2. Spruhal on

    Dude, I keep thinking of this so often. In stories, its the underdog that’s romanticised. Its the underdog that wins. In real life, its the Top Dog that wins, n crushes the underdog. You do well when you are well prepared for it. And when you are well prepared, you expect it, n others expect it too – so you’re not the Underdog.

    Secondly, in stories – its always a single victory or a momentary thing that makes a person a winner. In real life, you achieve great things by consistently performing well. There’s no one or two critical moments that make you successful.

    The point is – Winning in real life is boring… It requires hard work, n consistency, which is not something we like. Whats interesting is a break from the routine, which is what they show in movies – the underdog winning, the guy getting the girl, etc.

    I was thinking of writing a post on this, but I’ve already written everything here. Haha…

  3. Spruhal on

    And you are not a looser… I mean you’re taller than Amitabh Bachchan… right???

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