Kaminey – Taut plot. Gripping. Riveting. Mad. Awesome music. Killer camerawork. In short, fabulous cinema. I’d give a hand and a leg to be Shahid Kapur in the movie.

Love Aaj Kal – Crappy, overrated, flimsy plot. not relatable, a groggy Saif. In short, trash.

I loved one bit of this episode of We, The People, about color discrimination in today’s society, where Alyque Padamsee bajao’ed Barkha Dutt. She, unfortunately, caters to popular demand now.

Life mein sabki baji padi hoti hai.

I hate ultra-sweet people. They can’t be real.

I like my hair messy/ unkempt.

I hate nitpicking.

I think nothing looks better on a girl than a white kurti / loose black tee with blue jeans.

I dont own a single normal pair of jeans. All are either ripped, painted, or have some artwork on them.

I want to go to Mauritius/ Leh-Ladakh/ Hrishikesh/ all of the above. Abhi! Can someone sponsor? 😛



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  1. Vinod on

    @Shrey: Just clarifying the unwanted allegation against Love aaj Kal. For
    1)Crappy – Definitely not. Just coz you dont see the point of it and your pea brain didnt observe the film carefully. God save you.

    2)Overrated – Could be. No comments.

    3)Flimsy plot – Its my conviction that this was the only film by far that I have seen where they have kinda got the plot correctly and even shown it correctly.

    4)Not relatable – Really go *uck yourself. Its again your short sightedness that thinks what they were doing in the film was very timepass and not love at all to being with. I dont want to explain more. Could go on and on defending my point.

    5)Groggy Saif – Well I will leave that to personal choice. Personally speaking I liked Saif after a very long time. Mayybe only after Omakara.

    Let me clarify that LAK is not one of my personal super favourites or anything. Its just that I think the director made every effort possible to show it as today like as he could. And for me he did manage to do that rather well…

  2. Sudeep Mehta on

    @vinod: dude..i dont even think imtiaz ali and saif would care to defend the film the way you did!

    • shreybhatia202 on

      Dear Vinod,

      Calm down. I know you loved it for all the Love Aaj Kal in life you dont seem to get.


      –> Sudeep: Lol. Yeah. I’m sure they can hire him as the publicist for the next film.

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