Can (I), Sir?

Here 1, and here 2.
I think they didn’t get the root cause of the problem. Its breathing!
You dont breathe, you don’t inhale all the harmful air, you don’t grow, you don’t run the risk of cancer. Simple.

Oh and while we’re on wtf research, this too. Aila! Discovery.


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  1. Sourabh on

    Nice blog!
    Friday evening – still some work to do – itching to read something nice – stumbled upon your blog – what a superb read. Can actually feel you evolve as a writer!
    some articles actually have a connection too!
    Are you an NM’ite?

    • shreybhatia202 on

      –> Saurabh: Hey thanks 🙂 Any particular article you connected with? And yes, I am a NM’ite 🙂 Does it reflect in my writing? 😛 Kidding. Am assumin you got that from ‘Because I’m still here’. Are you too?

      –> Jhayu – Okay then.

  2. Jhayu on

    Dude! With that height thing, you’re screwed! =p

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