Fight hai.

Fight hai. Apne saath. Dimaag ke saath. Paise ke saath. Gaanon ke saath. Career ke saath. Exams ke saath. Job ke saath. Seniors ke saath. Pressure ke saath. Saal ke saath. Haal ke saath. Seedhi baat ke saath. Lambi raat ke saath. Din ke saath. Dil ke saath. College ke saath. Sab yaar ke saath. Pehle pyaar ke saath. Intezaar ke saath. Sapnon ke saath. Apnon ke saath. Ideals ke saath. Morals ke saath. Takat ke saath. Mehnat ke saath. Nafrat ke saath. Badalte rishton ke saath. Beete huye dinon ke saath. Aane wale palon ke saath. Sochi thi joh duniya uske saath. Khwaabon ke saath. Khwahishon ke saath. Nahi milti uss rahat ke saath. Kuch karne ki chahat ke saath. Tere saath. Mere saath. Sabke saath. Life ke saath. Fight hai duniya ke saath!

Kya yeh right hai? Fighting chaaloo day-night hai. Haalat apni tight hai. Kya future apna bright hai? Solution nahi in sight hai. Har question ke aage ‘might’ hai. Dil mein thodi si fright hai. Kya andhere ke aage light hai? Kya karen boss, Fight hai! : (

Asuvidha ke liye khed hai 🙂


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  1. Keetarp on

    Lagta hai tu right hai. Lekin tunnel ke anth mein light hai. Neele aakash mein kite hai. Bournville ka ek last bite hai. Tera 6’3 height hai. Abhi Saturday night hai. Apun thoda full tight hai.

    Asuvidha ke liye chhed hai.

    • shreybhatia202 on

      Kya anth mein light train toh nahi. Kahin neele aakaash mein chhupi rain to nahi. Kahin Bournville mein bhi keede toh nahi. Mile height se koi heere toh nahi! Saturday night hai, par brand apna sasta hai. Kya karen boss, haalat apni khasta hai 😉

  2. Mudra on

    I like. Lots. 🙂 Especially para 2.

  3. mohit on

    😀 lovely mahn lovely 😀 for a change teri tarif karne ka mann ho raha hai !!!

  4. Vinod on

    Like dude what are you a completely dissatisfied, irritable and dissolutioned Mr. Purandare travelling since the past 25 years in a overcrowded Virar fast or what??!?!

  5. Pratik Bubna on

    🙂 nice

  6. Sudeep Mehta on

    nice one dude…keep ‘fighting’. cheers!

  7. Spruhal on

    Yeh teri website hai,
    Tere emotions ki insight hai.

    Dudeeee… does everyone in Big4 go through this ??? Everyone ??? I mean you start hating life, and write poems about it – I know i did it a lot.

    Seriously… I genuinely believe that when we are stuck up in life – we need to move beyond our fears – Thats all there is to it.

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