Incident of the week

So I’m in a hurry. The car is waiting downstairs, and I needed to quickly shampoo my hair after a (free :)) haircut, before heading out, with people waiting for us at the mall. So I do a splash and dash, put on my clothes, wear my shoes, decide I’ll wear the belt in the lift, and am out of the guest house.

Rush to lift. Am looping the belt as the belt arrives, about 3 loops done, holding shirt with neck. Vest visible. Lift door opens. Hot chick inside. Me doing above mentioned activity. *Imagine O.Shit. No! face here* Quietly get into lift. Go to the back. Unloop whatever of belt has been looped, and hold it in my hand. Desperately controlling my laughter. The chick admittedly doing a much better job at it than me. Lift reaches ground. I move out and when chick is out of hearing range, burst out laughing. LOL LOL LOL. Was such a teenage moment. Was awesome 😀

Its nice to feel dhumb at times. Fun comes.

Baaki mein

-My love affair with Landmark continues even in Gurgaon. What a shop. You have to check out the poster collection they have started. Amazing!

-That I hate shopping doesn’t take away the fact that I’m a brilliant shopper. I mean 2 GAP Jeans, 2 Marks n Spencers classic tees, and a desi brand t-shirt in 1760 bucks is not bad at all 😀 Oh and there are some dresses that are simply out of this world. Divine. I saw one such dress at Giovanni at one of the malls. Classic!

-Oh and I’ve realized I’m really out of place with people at times! Certain things, activities, and gestures that people do, that you just can’t think of doing, or absolutely can’t relate to. During such times, I guess it’s best to just be in your shell. Coz it’s the most comfortable place you have.

Until next time, Happy Monday Morning Brews/ Brus/ Blues 😀


2 comments so far

  1. Jhayu on

    Dude, this is your chance. Make your move on the hot chick! It’s the last thing she’ll expect, so she’ll be SO impressed you’ll be in.

  2. Amit Julka on

    wah yaar…didnt know u were a fashionista….bhabhiji lucky hongi

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