A question there

Equations change, but they always return to equilibrium, albeit at a higher or lower level. Agreed.

Without giving the protagonists of the previous two posts any more importance 😀 I’ll just ask you a question. Do you think equations (of the heart) can be sought with rationale and logic?

Its difficult. Impossible perhaps, Kannu. The heart does not understand logic. It works on a principle that is solely its own. It beats wholly on its own. To that extent, it is disconnected from the whole of the body, and yet is very central to it! A brain dead person will continue to live. One whose heart stops dies. Very simple in its functioning, the heart. It either beats or it stops, it either likes or it does not, it either feels or it does not. Maybe that’s the beauty of it?

The heart will teach you patience the way no teacher can. It’ll teach you to take up a challenge the way no human can. Because the heart emotes, while the brain analyzes and anticipates. When you say ‘there are many forces at play’, these are all forces that are in your brain, possibly holding you back, or pushing you forward in anticipation, as the case may be. And when you talk about the ‘tragic romance’, it is you letting your heart take over. And I agree with what you wish to believe there, for what you feel is, fortunately or unfortunately, your and your feeling alone. It may or may not be reciprocated, or the entire thing might just be a play being enacted in your head. You’d not know. You will find it very difficult to sit down and let the forces in the head dictate the heart, and for that and that reason alone, what I talk about are not ‘my ideals’


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  1. menaka on

    interesting thought… in fact… it is by far the scariest thought that i ever came across. And i wish there could be some way of deflecting ones feeling on to something external… but ur right. Emotions and feelings are personal they are generated from within oneself, and nothing external can change it really.

  2. shreybhatia202 on

    never could 🙂

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