.. StoibI ..

—> To declassify one of my ‘Notes to myself’ written on 14th August 2007,

“I really am sick of the BMS course and everything to do with it. Just want to get over and done with it. I mean there’s just no motivation to it. Once you’ve figured out where you’re actually heading, you just want to jump onto the track, which is exactly what I want to do, but for the obvious problem of not knowing! I am not better than the rest. But then again, from now on, I don’t want to compare, for it really doesn’t matter!”

Point being: Had I seen 3 idiots two years ago, when I was still in college, going through the motions, I would’ve been overawed by the film. Barring Rajkumar Hirani’s tendencies to borrow from Munnabhai, and a few filmy duh moments, its very good, undoubtedly. Not perfect, but it puts across the message in a hilarious, nice enough way. But one and a half years out, in the rigmaroles of rozgaari, knowing and realizing day in and day out that you need to do your own, follow what you believe in, and keep walking, I just moved out of the theatre, sighed and walked it home.

Confusion hi confusion hai, solution koi pata nahi,
Solution joh mila toh saala question kya tha pata nahi
” ๐Ÿ™‚

—> So Mohit Sureka decided to drop in home one night, at around 10.45. He was talking to mom, and then we sat talking in my room, till mom left the drawing room, and went to sleep. We got up from my room, made ourselves some coffee, and were sitting in the drawing room till 4 in the morning, chatting.

Next morning, my mother: Achcha toh kal raat 3 baje tak toh mujhe tum logon ki baatein sunai de rahin thii. Iska kya hua fir, Usne kya kiya fir. I had to open every kachcha chitha in front of her.
Me idiot.

Mental note: Always, always, ALWAYS make sure mother is out of earshot when talking.

—> Michael Schumacher is back..!!

—> Never keep new years resolutions, but have one for this year. Leh-Ladakh. Jaana hai. Jaana hai. JAANA HAI!

(Inn aankhon ki masti ke mastaane hazaaron hai. Mastaane hazaaron hai).

Go figure.

Oh and me likey.

Up next: iQuit


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  1. Priyanka on

    nice….i liked it ๐Ÿ™‚
    No new year resolutions for me too

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