So, ten months after I knew that audit was not meant for me, or rather I was not meant for audit, I finally took the step. I really don’t know what took me that long, but I stuck around. Probably tempted by the fact that I was reviewing the supply chain of Hindustan Unilever Limited, but yes, one year through with Levers, having completed their chain ie Head Office (Profit Centre),  Branch, Factories, Depots, and outsourced payment cell, I finally did it.

It was phatte, the feeling of taking that decision. Like choosing for the first time (actually, not) your path, in a sense, where the decision was entirely yours. It felt nice to type the letter, very short though it was.

There were perks to the opportunity I had got, definitely. I mean if someone had told the lukha that I was in college am, that I could be reviewing the processes of the best FMCG company in India, and getting to roam India ‘phokat mein’, while I was at it, I would’ve jumped at it.

In the 10 whole months spent out of Bombay, spread over a year and 7 months in Khao Piyo Maaro Goli*, this is how I went

My travels with my erstwhile ann-daata

Bombay – Goa – Bombay – Kolkata – Dibrugarh – Kaziranga – Bombay – Kanpur – Sumerpur – Lucknow – Kolkata –Bombay – Vapi – Bombay – Gurgaon – Ghaziabad – Varanasi – Chandigarh – Amritsar – Bombay – Sasan – Noida – Bombay – Bangalore – Kolkata – Dibrugarh – Arunachal Pradesh – Bombay – Noida – Bombay * finally *

That would total almost 24 flights + 2 train journeys and a lot of car travel *phew*, some really really awesome places – Kaziranga, Brahmaputra, Arunachal, Khajuraho, Rani Falls, Howrah, Ganga, Yamuna, Akshardham and many many more, and awesome welcomes like these every now n then, you kn0w 😉

The experience also introduced me to oh-so-professional-and-wonderful ‘corporate culture’ and fantastic people who truly recognize talent. So yeah not bad at all, huh!

But I needed to move on to something cooler. Something I will be more kicked about. Someplace where I know the product I’m selling, and I enjoy executing it. Someplace where I exploit my core strength, and definitely not crib about me not being excited about work.

What’ll that be, I don’t exactly know right now. But I hope to add zing to what I’m doing 😉


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  1. z3phyr on

    Hmm.. dont remember how I landed up here.. but almost going through the same phase :O .. the ‘iQuit’ one :O only difference being 9 months for me 🙂

    “But I needed to move on to something cooler. Something I will be more kicked about.” esp. could identify with this part… cliched ehh 😛
    Do tell me how things turn out… 🙂

  2. shreybhatia202 on

    🙂 Yaa. Many people identify with it. Read this somewhere- There’s a community of people who hate their job. Its called ‘Everybody’ 😛 Hopefully, I AM off to something cooler! Where are you from?.. Where are you working?

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