Maximize your ‘I can’t take it anymore’ moment.

“Manu, understand this. Many a times in your life, you’ll face a ‘I can’t take it anymore’ moment. When you just can’t continue with the way things are.. It’ll keep on happening. Its not like it only happens once in your worklife, or personal life. It recurs. Especially in your career, you will often reach a dead end/ saturation. Whats very important is WHAT you do when you reach there. You have to maximize your ‘I can’t take it anymore’ moment! The only thing I can advise you is don’t go purely on impulse. Being young, you have a tendency to act on instinct. I’m not saying that’s wrong. But relax, pause and think about what you’re feeling for some time, and weigh your options carefully. And if you still feel what you want to do is the same, go ahead and do it. Whichever way you choose to go, you’ll never know whether the other choice would’ve been better, so its best you follow your gut, rather than what seems to be the wiser option”

Agreed, uncle.


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