Have you seen these?

So, till work comes runnin around the corner, a coupla ‘have you seens?’

Seen the J. K. Cement ad they were playin during the India-SA ODI series, with a woman in a swimsuit walking out of the sea, strutting her stuff, and the tagline “Vishwaas hai, Isme kuch khaas hai”? Like what on earth is ‘vishwaas-worthy’ in the whole thing? The model? Woohoo! Its stupidity itself is worth commending.

Chalo, that is still okay. Chindi company, probably no money to spend on a ad-agency, so simple way out. Atleast there’s brand retention :P, but the new Pepsi ad? ‘Youngistaan ka Wow!’?! Like seriously?!! That seems like the work of a six year old on dope! With millions for the advertising budget, year on year, and the most ‘in-demand’ stars at your disposal, the best you come up with is Youngistaan ka Wow?! Gah. Gah gah!


2 comments so far

  1. Maheep on

    Tell me about it.. I sometimes wonder why companies pay this hell of amount to some jerks who ain’t good enough to spell ADVERTISING let alone actually doing it..

  2. Amit Julka on

    i liked the tags more than anything!

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