F1, 2010

F1nally here, and rather disappointing.

Whose idea was it to ban re-fueling? It makes the race so bloody uneventful, I can watch the start (which is quite pointless cause no one is really gonna try any fancy moves, lest they flat some rubber!). ignore the mid race (which, well, without pitstops, and on a heavy fuel load, makes for no overtaking and no strategy decisions) and maybe just switch on in time for the chequered flag. To put it simply, there is no incentive to ‘watch’ the race.

Plus the new teams are such a liability (read: joke), its like you have a Mercedes and a Skoda racing with a Maruti Alto. Patriotism aside, Karun Chandhok/ Bruno Senna- HRT1 is such a fuckin liability on the game right now! Same for Virgin. Branson should’ve stuck with Brawn instead of trying to be so adventurous! Lets pray that they improve fast, otherwise its just pointless having teams that are on an average 6 secs slower (an eternity in F1) than the rest of the pack. Add to it, the minimal sponsorship makes for very boring livery, and the cars look more like GP2 cars!

As for the ‘championship’. We have classic drivers, and four world champions driving in one season which is probably saving grace? Hamilton vs Alonso vs Schumacher vs Vettel is just pure delight. I know Button is the world champion, but Vettel is the better driver anyday! Once, the teams have their teething issues sorted, and they are closer to each other, I’m sure we’ll have some fantastic man to man. It must be a relief for most to see Ferrari, McLaren and the likes back on top. And I’m very happy to see Force India where they are. In 3 yrs, they have become a proper mid-field team, and are definitely gonna take home a good chunk this year.

To Hamilton, and McLaren. And (hopefully) a fantastic 2010.

P.S: Traditionally, the Aussie GP has always been the first one. So can we just assume Bahrain was a bad dream, and start afresh? 😛


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