Days Work

I was reasonably unemployed in office today, so saw two videos that I had been wanting to. Both, mind-blowing in their own way.

The first one was ‘Chale Chalo‘: The making of Lagaan. Probably the most telling documentary I’ve seen. The toil of the soil. The entire gamut of emotions a human can experience – the will to rough it out, lose, win, the pain, the ecstasy, despair, helplessness, and delight. The lunacy of film-making. The idealism, and the heartbreak. The dreams and the nightmares. It was an experience that somewhere makes you realise that there can be no substitute for pure, unadulterated ground hardwork. I urge you to see this documentary. It’ll definitely leave an imprint. Something for you to chew on.

The second was shared by Bhavin: Harsha Bhogle at IIM (A) . Bits and pieces of this video are available on facebook, but this is the entire monologue. He touches some very pertinent points about practical approaches to your profession, and how one can observe and learn. The reference points are relatable, the humour-characteristic. There is much to learn from it.

If you have the time, I urge you to watch both these videos. They’ll give you food for thought.


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