Day 13

Much of life has to be experienced,

It definitely can’t be taught,

But when you really need an answer,

Listen carefully, silence speaks a lot.


Day 12

Take time to think and learn,

Take time to plan and create,

Take time to be and do,

Its time that’s power to you.

Day 11

Life, in essence is generally fucked,

Passing with time, only boring and duller.

Leave it to circumstance to spice it up,

Mix up the music, fill it with color.

Day 10

In these blinding times,

Where coming second is falling from grace.

Can anyone confirm…

…slow and steady still wins the race?

Day 9

Admittedly, communication merely needs a platform,

A medium to put across the sweet and bitter.

But one’s daily thoughts, or what can be said one-to-one,

How can one be comfortable sharing with an unknown world on twitter?

Day 8

For when you’re down and out,

or in it – and going strong,

Heart take, heart ache,

There’s always a Rahman song.

Day 7

Unforgivable beauty,

Always in the simple.

Not necklines and 36D,

But calming voice, and unforgettable dimple.

Day 6

And then there are just those days,

When you want to pick up things and throw ’em.

No inclination  to think.

So, does this qualify as a poem?

Day 5

Humour, unparalleled, beautiful, cruel perhaps.

Easy, cheesy, at times queasy perhaps.

Humour, will make you laugh, can make you cry.

Doesn’t always come naturally, but funny could be your try.

Humour, the facts it drills.

Humour, kills – but thrills!

Day 4

Separate our ways,

When we’ve walked a mile.

Is there any point in lookin back,

and saying ‘Its been a while’?